Blueprint event doesn't fire

Hi everyone, in the last few days i encountered an issue using BlueprintNativeEvent which i don’t know how to fix, Basically i have a c++ void function in my class which i want to expose to blueprints as an event.
Right now i’m calling this function from c++ but when a try to override the function in my blueprint class the event doesn’t fire and it keeps running the c++ base implementation

Hi @it_s_Brixia !
In you BP function BeginPlay, right click and select ‘Call to parent function’ so it will use C++ code too.
I’d suggest that you change the function name to one that doesn’t conflict with Unreal’s function ( BeginPlay ), but it’s just my opinion.

The issue i’m having it’s different, basically even if i override the BeginPlay function in a blueprint graph the BP event doesn’t fire and it keeps running the c++ code instead of the new BP code

This line

void BeginPlay();
virtual void BeginPlay_Implementation() override;

should not even compile. If it does, you somehow have already defined a BeginPlay_Implementation function in a parent class, which you then override as part of a newly declared native event?? On top of that you name your function BeginPlay which already exists as part of the UE framework. I can’t even tell whether you have overriden the standard BeginPlay or your own BeginPlay function in Blueprint.

The UHT is not a real C++ parser, and by writing code like this you mess with it even more so I am not surprised you have problems with events not firing. Stick to the rules and everything will work as expected.