Blueprint Errors at Hover Project

Hello folks,

Iam following a Tutorial called “Hover Vehicle Blueprint Tutorial” and its for Unreal Engine 4.7. Link

I work with Unrel Engine 4.10.0 and recive some Errors I cant sadly fix by myself.

Error1: “Mesh Component’ is already a ‘Static Mesh Component’, so you don’t need to Cast to Primitive component.”


My conclusion on this is to delete “Cast to PrimitivComponent”

Erro2: "This blueprint (self) is not a PrimitiveComponent, therefore ‘target’ must have a connection


My conclusion on this is to delete the connection from LineTraceByChannel to AddForceLocation.

When I delete this two Erros on my way and compile the Blueprint I get this ingame.


It doesent look completly wrong, but I dont get the Hover effect and I cant move the Box with the right Inputsettings from the Tutorial.

Maybe someone knows to fix that ?! :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance…

Same problems

1st error: I think it will work without that cast to node.
2nd error: Get your mesh reference and connect it with the target pins on your nodes.

-Blue :slight_smile: