Blueprint Error Node

Would be nice to have an error node that will log an error to the Editor’s message log in the same way a Blueprint ‘Accessed None’ and other runtime errors log. This would allow blueprint engineers to quickly log to others where a problem is instead of relying on things like Print String.

That would be very useful to have.

Great suggestion!

While it’d be nice to have it built-in it’s trivial to make in C++ in a BP Function Library. Hell it’s trivial to make in a BP Function Library by just pre-defining a color in Print String and picking one based on the log level in a wrapper.

Hey Allar,

I’ve gone ahead and entered a feature request for the Error Node: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-34691)

Thanks for your suggestion!

He doesn’t mean the output log. There’s a different log.

I want “get function name” node. Really really want, my error macro has a row which i need to feel by hand with those info.


MPliskinS implemented this feature:

Ooooh, that’s cool. Thanks for letting us know!

Rejected because its ‘just another way to log information’.

Well… sweet.

Why you need it if you have glorious print string?

Because why dig through the logs to find an arbitrary string when there is literally an editor window that lets you go directly to blueprint errors :0

Maybe its a sign from the gods of more business for you…
March marketplace community-poll Plug-In ‘winner’ already? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re taking requests something like Kismet’s Log node…
Multiple parameters of any type with no casting issues ever!