Blueprint error in example Platformer Game is Platformer_StreetSection

So I’m still fairly new to Unreal and don’t understand a lot of the workings. I’m getting an error when playing from the editor saying a blueprint has an unresolved compile error. The error is on Platformer_StreetSection, which is the World that I’m working in. I didn’t even know I could see blueprint logic for a World, let alone figure out what’s wrong or how it was even changed in the first place.

The error from the output log is “OnActorBeginOverlap (None) is referencing an Actor which no longer exists. Attached logic will never execute”

Any guidance is appreciated

We need to see your Blueprints to be able to say anything.

I’d say the most possible error in this case would be if you reference an actor directly from an output pin in the On Begin Overlap node, but the function you want to perform is not called by the On Begin Overlap node, but by something else. If you want to perform any functions with an actor/component that fired the Overlap event, you have save it to a variable right away when the Begin Overlap event occurs, and then connect that variable, and not the On Begin Overlap output pin, to the function you want to perform.

Then again, that’s just my assumption, the issue might be elsewhere.