Blueprint Error: "Accessed None to read property"

Hi guys,
first experience for me with UE4 and first post here! I made a blueprint script to handle the outline on selected objects following this tutorial.
The outline seems to work fine, but at the end of the simulation I get an error message:

And this is the BP function:

Actually I have no idea how to fix it. Can you help me?
Thanks you all guys!

If the new actor has references check it

Apart from what [USER=“290035”]Grzegorz S[/USER] said, add an Is Valid node at the beginning of the function and pass the “New Actor” through it. You can then make sure that the remaining logic gets executed only if it returns valid.

Thank you guys for the answers @Grzegorz S](User Profile - Unreal Engine Forums) @Stormrage256](User Profile - Unreal Engine Forums)
As you suspected there is something wrong with the New Actor; no BP error anymore, but outline now is not working, and I’m getting “Empty new Actor” error log every time I start tracing an Actor. The New Actor is an animated skeletal mesh (the cube in the attached pic). Maybe something wrong with Actor recognition (?). Any Idea?

How are you getting the New & Old Actor references that are being passed to this function? A screenshot of that could be helpful in figuring out the issue.

Also, after the IsValid node mentioned earlier, try connecting its “Is Not Valid” output to the Branch Node. This way, your Old Actor should still render in the Custom Depth pass.

Thank you @Stormrage256! you’re totally right, the “Is Not Valid” output fixed my problem! :):slight_smile: Thanks again!