Blueprint Efficiency Improvements

Hey Epic,

During my VFX career, I’ve used node-based software quite a lot. So having Blueprint is a huge benefit for prototyping in UE4. However, there are a few features from some other applications that I think would hugely improve productivity and workflow in Unreal.

For a lot of my work, I use the Foundry’s Nuke (compositing suite), which is also node based. It’d be super awesome to take some of the graph interaction features from that, and integrate them into Blueprint.

**Input Switching

With a simple keyboard shortcut, inputs on a node can be swapped. When working with a lot of math/logic nodes, it’d save a lot of time and hassle being able to simply swap the inputs, instead of having to drag connectors between pins. Obviously, this only really applies to nodes with 2 inputs.

**In-line adding

Dragging an existing node into a connector automatically wires it into the graph. This would be particularly useful when working with Materials, and save a lot of time.

**Disabling nodes

A keyboard shortcut to disable a node quickly, effectively having it pass through data, instead of making changes to it.

One other thing I’d really like, is the ability to change the key/button input to bring up the node-adding menu. I’m so used to using Tab elsewhere, that switching to RMB is a bit of a pain.