Blueprint editor tabs get stuck under mouse cursor

Seven times out of ten when I click on the “EventGraph” after having been inside another function graph the “EventGraph” snaps to my cursor and become stuck, and I am aware you can move the tabs, by click dragging, but that is not what i did, I released the mouse button with the tab still stuck under my cursor.

Eventually after clicking it becomes unstuck.

Minor annoyance.

What kind of PC do you have?

I’m not sure how to answer that question? Can you be more specific?
What exactly do you mean?

What kind of PC do you have?

Hey slayeruk,

Can you tell us your machine specs and OS version? Thanks!

Ben Halliday

I can do better than that:

link text

I use dual monitors and I had the Blueprint window on the main screen and the editor on the extended desktop.

This is still happening

I cannot reproduce in a clean project, but I have a project that every time I start it and click the event graph it gets stuck under my cursor.

Every time I close and reopen the blueprint and click on the event graph it happens.

I can provide you the project, its a bit of a mess as I was experimenting.

We’ve made some changes with 4.0.2, so I wanted to confirm this is still occurring for you.


Since you were able to get around the issue, I am marking this as answered. Please let us know if it occurs again and we will be happy to further assist.