Blueprint editor: New components always at bottom of root node

Hi there,

when I add new components to a blueprint it gets always inserted at the very bottom of the root node instead of below the currently selected node or at the at the bottom of the parent node as it would make sense. The has to scroll aaaaall theee waaaaay dooooown and then pulling it back to the desired place by hand.

(Add new audio components within scene ‘sounds’)

(New components gets added at buttom of the root node instead of at the end of scene ‘sounds’)

Some other observations:

  • The list isn’t scrolling automatically when you reach to top of the list as expected. This can eat up a lot of time when working with complex blueprints
  • List members are not sorted automatically, this can it make very difficult to find specific members
  • Search isn’t supported for the component list. Instead, they are listed as results if you search them in the ‘My Blueprint’ tab by their type (typing their name doesn’t give you any hits). But when you select the components, the detail pane only shows name, category and events.
  • Duplicated components just are named after their type (e.g. ‘Audio’), better would be something like ‘Original_name]_copy’

Many thanks,

Hey Spryo,

Thank you for providing us these ideas for feature requests. I have submitted these requests to our developers with the following reports: UE-17617, UE-17620 and UE-17624.

If you’d like to check on these reports in the future, please feel free to reply back here and we’ll assist you further.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Thank you.