Blueprint editor improvements

Hi everyone,

just thought I’ll a little time to propose some functionality for the blueprint editor that could make it a little faster/easier to work with blueprints.

  1. Branch select/move: Currently you can left click on a blueprint node and move it around in the editor. A nice feature of Softimage was that if you middle clicked on a node it would select that node and it’s children ( all nodes attached to it on the “left” side ; aka branch select) and you could move them all together. I think this would be really handy when re-organising networks , inserting nodes in the middle of existing chains, etc.

  2. Shake disconnect: This is a Houdini network feature that is more usefull than it would seem at first look. What you can do is left click on a connected node, while holding the mouse button shake it around and then node is disconnected (both inputs and outputs). What can also be done is use some modifier key (ctrl,alt) to only disconnect inputs or outputs.

  3. Node bypass/disable: as proposed by bigquix here:

I can search for and provide videos that display the above features in action if anyone needs it.


Hello everyone, Any chance this can please be implemented into Unreal? Its silly to not be in the workflow. Having to unpin and repin to debug or try different setups is a waste of time.