Blueprint editor error?

I have a strange problem. Replication:

  1. Create new blueprint class with any parent
  2. Compile, Save the blank blueprint
  3. Close the window with the new blueprint
  4. Open again

=> At this point the editor window is blank and nothing can be done. Only thing I can do is delete the file, create new, edit something and then it sometimes works after opening back again.

  • I cannot simply create a blueprint (ie an actor) without problems.
  • It affects mostly renderable BPs, does not affects BTs, function libraries etc…
  • Most of my existing blueprints became broken - they cannot be opened/edited anymore and they are not rendered in the game although the logic beneath them still works

And it’s REALLY annoying. The engine is unusable at this point.

Does anyone have similar problems? How can I fix it?

Engine version 4.15.1
Thanks for any advice.

I go on a asumption here but after open it again you only see Editable Props but no Graphs etc.? If so look in the Corner there is a option to Open Full Blueprint Editor.

Asside from that can you make a screenshot?

Thanks for reply.
Unfortunately, no editable props, etc. Only buttons: Compile, Save and Find in CB.
Menu sections also does not contain anythying useful.

Main warning sign for me is that most of the assets are not viewable in game anymore. They’re somehow corrupted.