Blueprint Editor Completely Broken on Mac (Editor Version 4.21-4.24)

It took me a while to realize that this was in fact an engine problem, after I had updated the engine several times trying to figure out what was causing my project to become completely unresponsive. After I migrated the project to a Windows computer and noticed that there were no longer any issues I tried creating a new project on Mac and discovered sure enough that the Blueprint Editor is massively broken on Mac OS.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Create clean C++ Project
  2. Add BP Actor
  3. Create new variable
  4. Set variable type to key and set variable structure to TMap
  5. Change key value pair type to String/Camera (or Widget or really any exotic type that I tested)
  6. Engine will now become completely unresponsive until Force Quit and restarted.

There are many other issues which will cause the editor to become unresponsive, including calling certain basic Blueprint functions within the event graph.

This seems like a major issue and makes the engine completely unusable on Mac systems. I’m sure this got overlooked because of the 1% of UE4 users who use Mac like myself, there is probably an even smaller percent using a fully updated engine version on Mojave or higher, and of those users like myself, many probably attributed the issue to something like BP corruption. As I said I wouldn’t have caught it if I didn’t migrate the project to Windows and watch it work flawlessly before creating a new project on Mac to reproduce the issue.

I know Mac is on the absolute bottom of Epic’s priority list but the editor is massively unstable as it is.