Blueprint editor becomes slower and slower

Hello, i use UE5.1 and design a museum within a blueprint. This museum has about 50 items and the editor becomes slower and slower. A piece moving needs 10 seconds and more. In the viewport editor i haven’t any problems. I have a Predator Notebook (64GByte Ram, 2 SSDs with 2 TByte, NVidia GeForce GTX 1060). Thanks for your help.

It is most likely an issue in relation to the CPU if you are having hitches or lag. I have a 1080 and struggle to run Unreal Engine 5 properly in the Lyra project.

I suggest going through the blueprint to see if it is using something intensive such as a loop or highly demanding code. If it doesn’t, it could be the CPU and less likely the GPU that is your bottleneck.

Hello and thanks for your answer. I had switched the priority of the UE5 process to realtime so that non other prozess disrupt the UE5-prozess. There isn’t any code in the blueprint but only the 50 meshes (f.e. windows, walls, roof, doors). My goal is a complete walk-in museum with all peaces in a blueprint for an easier handling of the hole scene. If the GPU or CPU is the bottleneck, why I don’t have any problems with many peaces in the viewport editor only in the blueprint editor? Could it be a buck?

Hello, I have found the solution for that problem. In the Blueprint class settings there is a variable called “Run construction Script on drag”. If I switch it to off the problem is gone.