Blueprint: Easy Dialogue System (BEDS)

**Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint: Easy Dialog System (BEDS) **

UPDATE: We should be up on the marketplace next week! Below are some of the tutorials and preview video for the final release so you can see how it works. I’ll be adding more during the weekend to explain other areas.


First character:

Basic Branching:

Adding audio:

We’ve been cleared for the marketplace! I know a lot of people we’re asking if this was even in development anymore, unfortunately we were on the waiting train for review clearance.

As mentioned in our original post we are pricing this at $24.99 which we feel is a fair and justifiable price point for the features included.

Some have asked if I can set up a gumroad or alternate purchasing location in order to attain the system more quickly. I’ll take a look and see if that is ok for me to do and I’ll get back in touch. Thanks for all your support.


NPC Dialog Actor
Mesh Select slot
Anim Blueprint slot
Character audio
Event Firing
Character image
Bounding Box
Material slots
UMG UI - Interact
Dialogue questions
Dialogue screen
Datatable based
Excel Sheet
Master template for CSV export
Unlimited number of character rows
100% Blueprint
Swap-able Datatable Slot for simple localization
Example level Temporary mechanics video


don’t really need another one on the market, there are 2 assets that were submitted that also focus on dialogue

one is mainly focused on dialogue, and another that is a quest and dialogue system

Sorry you feel that way. We actually posted our development back in March and I believe we were the first ones to publicly post development of a dialog system for the marketplace.

They each offer various things and I don’t see having choices necessarily a bad thing for devs.

Choice is not a bad thing at all especially for devs :slight_smile:

I cannot seem to find it but how much do you plan on charging for this BP?

It’s up there on the second paragraph :slight_smile: $24.99

Marketplace should always have competition … I voted for you. If we only had one item of a type in the Marketplace … then there would be a monopoly and that is actually extremely unhealthy.

Good luck with your submission. 8-}

You got a buyer as soon as this hits the marketplace :smiley:

Seems easy and simple. But is the Support good? Lets give it a month.

Thank you! Completely agree. When we were developing this we knew eventually there will be others made. We didn’t think it would be that quickly but hey, that’s how things work right and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Really appreciate the support man!

There’s a document file that explains what each field is and does and also in the example level we tried to include various samples and features that were requested in our development thread (event trigger, Character audio, Character image)

Voted ! look great :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your support!


Excited to purchase, good job. Soon as its up and able to be purchased I will be happy to support and purchase.

Thanks dude!

Thanks a lot :smiley:

looking forward to this!, please consider a gumroad or sellfy if the wait becomes to long lol great job by the way!

Thanks, I don’t think it’ll be too much longer but if it it gets to that point I will for those who need it right away :smiley: I’m also in the process of creating some video documentation for to make things even easier.

Added an update with video tutorials so you can see how the system works on the original post. We should be out next week!

There is been an error with the project…
I created a blank data table externly, imported it, now i can edit the tables in UE.

Problem is… The continual lines seems not to be working.

The dialog table just getds blank and the player is stuck in an endless loop.

Hello? I need support XD Anyone there? I PNd you too

The more the better…greater choices for the consumer force developers like Jarlan to add features in order to compete. This is a win-win for all involved!