Blueprint "Duplicate Asset" node won't duplicate Level assets

I managed to have the “Duplicate Assets” node working to duplicate other types of assets like Materials (pictured below), but when I try to use it to duplicate a Level type asset, it just refuses to work.

Am I doing something wrong or is it just a thing that Level shouldn’t be duplicated?

I actually found the answer myself!
Unreal was dishing out this error:
LogEditorScripting: Error: DuplicateAsset. Failed to validate the source. The AssetData ‘/Game/EditorTools/LevelCreation/NewStage_FolderStructure/LVL_TPL_TemplateStage_001’ is not accessible because it is of type Map/Level.

So basically the Duplicate node is made to work with a different type of asset.

And then I found the “New Level from Template” node which does what I am looking for