Blueprint Door Closing Problem

Hello guys!

I am currently working on a project and I’m having trouble with a blueprint for the door to close.

The door is from the blueprint sample project made by epic.

I have used the blueprint and modified it to close by a keyboard input.

However the door doesn’t seem to be closing and I have checked everything.

Can somebody tell me how to fix this?

Here are a few pictures of what I am trying to achieve:

Sets closed state Blueprint.JPG18167954d5f30938c96c90b711b1fdb8b79c9823.jpeg

I am only using one door for this not both doors.


Thats so messy BP… i cant find whats wrong… but do this:

  1. use only pressed or only released output from “input action” node… because this doesnt make sense, you want to open and close doors at same time when you press key…
  2. try to remove timeline (for debug only) and go directly into “set relative location” node, then you probably will see whats wrong

As far as I know only Pawn/Character and Controller classes received input events by default;
Haven’t tried your setup btw, so may not be related at all.

Hi @Harv10,

Its a bit hard to debug, but here are a few things I would check:

You are using the same button press to open and close the door, while at the same time triggering your code On Press and On Release. So maybe this is happening:

You press the button and since Open is True, it starts to close it. However, as soon as your Timeline starts it makes Open false, which then triggers the opening code because by the time OnRelease triggers Open is already false. To fix this, just trigger your code OnPress and see if this helps.

I would also try to make Open false at the end of the timeline.

I’m still having trouble with the door closing so I’ve scrapped it and replaced it with hiding under a desk.