Blueprint don't work

Hi, I was setting up the Italian language localization dashboard. But suddenly when I wanted to open the 1st level it seems that the blueprint level was not giving signal, that is, it just doesn’t work Can you help me please? Thank you (this happen only the 1level the other level work)

Hello Vechera
thanks for replying to me By the way yes, the begin play custom event and the event tick It appears to be broken and the only thing I don’t understand is that at blueprint classes and other levels it works. If you need more information I’m always here;)

Hello OC_alexm2206,

can you share a little bit more information with us? What exactly doesn’t work in the Level Blueprint, the ‘Begin Play’ event or other functionality?

Hi OC_alexm2206,

Sounds strange. Are you getting any errors or warnings while running that level?
Just some suggestions: make sure your Level Blueprint is parented to the ‘Level Script Actor’ class or an derivative of that class. Try to run a ‘Print String’ node on ‘Begin Play’ and add a breakpoint on the ‘Print String’ node (you can add one one by selecting a node and hit F9). The game should pause upon reaching the breakpoint, if it does the problem is somewhere else.

Hi I have tried everything you said between the print string not performed and I do not receive errors

What about warnings though?
Another thing you could check is, if your Level Blueprint class marked as abstract, it shouldn’t be to work correctly. It might also be worth a try to duplicate the problematic level, and see if the problem persists in the duplicated level.

Same thing for the warnings I don’t receive any and also the same thing if I try to duplicate it same bug then how do I do Level Blueprint class marked as abstract? I haven’t 100% understood what it is?

These are part of the ‘Class Settings’ of the Level Blueprint (accessible via the the toolbar):


You have to make sure that the ‘Generate Abstract Class’ option is turned off. It prevents the Level Blueprint to be functional (to be spawned in fact, if I understood that correctly) if this option is set to true.

I had already disabled that option

Is the level loaded? Is it persistent or do you stream said level in?

Yes, the level is loaded

Hi OC_alexm2206,

do events of level static actors handled by the level blueprint work? I.e. Events handled by the level blueprint, but broadcasted by the actor, for example the ‘On Actor Begin Overlap’ event of a placed Trigger Volume.

One other thing I would recommend is that you try to replicate this issue in a new empty level and or project. I cannot seem to replicate it myself, and if you need to report it as a bug you’d need a replication procedure so the Unreal Staff can help you.
As far I can tell this isn’t really a common issue. I couldn’t find anything in the forums nor Unreal’s Issue tracker.

As far as solutions go, I can only suggest two to you. First would be to try to push the level blueprints functionality into a level static actor. The second one would be to recreate the level from the ground up (new level), although I’m pretty sure you aren’t particularly thrilled about this solution.
The first solution would probably the least amount of work, but won’t mitigate the problem itself, it’d be just a work-around and might cause more problems. The second one would be the one I actually recommend, plus if you can replicate the issue this way you can file a bug report with good chances of being fixed, although this might not be feasible.

Ok…I don’t know how but 2 day later the bug he fixed himself I don’t know if it is the work of epic but anyway thanks all the same for helping me out; D