BluePrint does not Work when Rendering in Sequencer

I created a BP connected to a light vector in a planet material. The BP gets positioned in the world and it controls day/night cycle on the planet Earth. In the viewport, it works fine. In the sequencer, it works only by scrubbing the timeline. But once I send the movie to render in sequencer, seems like the BP does not work. I believe there should be a way to connect the BP to Event Begin Play so ti functions properly during render or play. Please I need help concerning this issue.

were u able to resolve this…im having the same issue!!

this worked for me,

i made everything in the blueprint static (it was movable first)
and it works for me

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same issue I have a blueprint controlling movement of a box and everything looks good until i render and the box does not move in the render

have flipped all object from Static to moveable and back no change the only thing that render is the position of the box at the time position in the Sequencer