Blueprint does not work in event graph

I’m trying to make this blueprint run when the game starts. It’s purpose is to create a randomly generated spline which is used to make a road.

I made a duplicate of the original blueprint. I tried to move the whole thing to beginplay but it doesnt work, the spline works right but the static mesh roadpieces dont appear on it.

On left is the construction script variant of the blueprint and on the right is the eventgraph blueprint. Any ideas why the road static meshes dont appear?

EDIT: This image was taken during play in editor.

Hi Johuotar.

What happens if you play the level in the editor?

I ask because while the construction script can run in the editor session (i.e. when the game isn’t running) the event graph in general does not, and the BeginPlay event doesn’t actually fire until the game is running and the actor in question “begins play”.

The third image was taken after pressing play in editor. The spline gains coordinate values and becomes as it is seen in the image, but no road meshes appear.

M’kay. So what does the rest of the graph look like? The actual mesh-building stuff after the sequence node?

No good idea why the road doesnt appear. All I can think of is that some of these BP nodes dont work in event graph the same way they do in construction script.

After the sequence node:

Upper part


Lower part

Build Track Element function:

Continues here ->