Blueprint distance culling?


I’m trying with a some kind of Minecraft clone, all blocks are Blueprints and the mechanic works great. The problem is with ~1000 block I have a ~10FPS. The CullingDistanceVolumes works great with the static meshes but not with Blueprints.

Is there any way to set the maximum draw distance for Blueprints? I could track the distance from a blueprint to a player and toogle the visibility - but I think that’s not the best way ?!

Thanks for your help!

There was a fairly similar question on the forums lately.

In minecraft you don’t actually have blocks everywhere as this is waay to resource consuming. 1000 blocks are not even a lot.

Check out this link. It might prove useful even though there’s no direct solution: minecraft block creation question - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

Hm that’s not realy what I was looking for. I just need something like a maximum draw distance for Blueprints,

Are you sure you don’t want to check out the BrickGame Plugin?

Because if you want a world made out of bricks like Minecraft the draw distance does not matter all that much. It will save you a bit of graphics rendering but the object will still be loaded within the same level.

Anyway. The settings for draw distance and Level of detail are in the advanced tab of “Rendering” in the defaults of your blueprint.

Click the little arrow below the “CapsuleComponent” tier and you’ll have a “Mesh” tier. Inside the LOD settings there you have a “Min Draw Distance”, “Desired Max Draw Distance” and “Current Max Draw Distance”.

This should get you somewhere.

Well. Just keep in mind that everything a block does each tick or at least regularly costs you bigtime :wink:

Found the problem, all Blocks hat Simulate Physics enabled, by disable it it’s fixed. I’m not planing a huge Block world, more a big qube with ~10000 Blocks.