[Blueprint] Different actors, same 'type'

Hey guys,
I’m working with UE4 for quite a while now but mainly on the graphical side. Recently I started learning/using Blueprints and there is something I just can’t get my head around.
The easiest way to explain it would be with a simple example:

Let’s say I have three types of SkeletalMeshes that are all ‘enemys’ (f.e. skeleton, vampire, zombie). Now there are spawning 3 skeletons, 1 vampire and 2 zombies in the scene. In my case I want to get the position from everyone of those 6 enemys BUT without having to ‘search’ for every individual mesh. So basically I need some kind of ‘property’ (enemy) that every instance has to identify them as an enemy although they are different actors.

Apparantly this somehow works with components but I just can’t get it to work/understand it.
Can anyone help my out?

If those skeletal meshes are blueprints themselves, you can do a “Find All Actors In Scene” for that blueprint. I recommend Creating an empty blueprint, creating a SceneComponent as the Root, and then adding a Skeletal Mesh Component.

You could also give each blueprint an interface, so you have a Skeleton_BP, a Vampire_BP and a Zombie_BP but they all implement an interface (type) Interface_Enemy. Using an interface you can also have each blueprint implement the same functions such as “Attack”, but they can do slightly different attacks.