Blueprint Developer / Project Manager / Tutor available for work (low rates)



My name is Linus Walden, I’m an IT student from Germany with 5 years of experience working with Unreal Engine 4.
**You are… ** …working on a new project and need some scripts to rapidly prototype and get a feel for your awesome gameplay?
…an Indie Studio looking for extra workforce to reach a tight deadline?
…in need of NPCs for your game?
…just starting out and need a tutor to help you learn and improve?
…looking for a motivated, friendly and professional developer to work at your project?
— It’s a match! —

Why consider my services? I have experience in the following UE-related topics:

  • Virtual Reality Development
  • Blueprint Prototyping
  • Gameplay Design
  • Project Management
  • Basic NPC Development
  • One on One Training Sessions
    • working in a freelancing-network of multiple 3D-artists, animators, sound- and leveldesigners
    • together, we can do it!
    • friendly and professional communication
  • low rates (depending on task, deadline, etc.)
  • privacy: if you choose so, I will not mention your project in my portfolio (can also sign an NDA)
  • can work with different source control software (GitHub, Perforce, Subversion…)

Further skills

  • extensive experience with physical production utilizing 3D-printing
  • product development

Previous work includes:

  • UE4 Marketplace Product Development (you can check out my products at
  • NPC Development for an Indie-Multiplayer-Game
  • multiple Gamejams
  • developing small minigames for my school (used by teachers to better visualize different topics to younger students)
  • gameplay development lead on a project that can not be disclosed
  • contracted as vice development lead for an indie project
  • one on one tutoring for clients with specific questions + teaching general Unreal Engine things

For an example of my work, check out Super-Hit Gear Honored, a small stealth game I recently developed and released with a friend at: SUPER-HIT GEAR HONORED v2.6 by Edgy Pixel, Michael Fry.

If you want more information, send me an offer or give feedback of any form,
send me a PM, eMail, Skype-/ Discord-message or a carrier pigeon.

Contact info:
eMail -
Discord - othercookie#7150
Skype - linmikwa

Looking forward to hearing from You!

  • Linus Walden

Had Linus help me with developing a game and he have been doing an amazing job. Didn’t charge much, flexible in terms of payment and stays within budget. He also have contacts to other developers so the job to form a team went like a charm. Been working with him for quite some time now and I must say that he is very talented and stays professional. He works fast, knows what the employer wants and delivers on time with very good results. He also gives good feedback to the work and takes part in the creation though coming with ideas that have been really helpful in the creation of this project.

If you’re new or experienced to game development and want to give it a shot though making your ideas come to life, I highly recommend Linus, he takes you though the process step by step and with his network he is able to get you the people needed to be able to succeed your goal.

Hoping for a long lasting partnership.

Sincerely, Stian.

I recently had tutoring session with Linus. It was a fun and educational 2 hours. I had a fairly specific system I wanted to build out in blueprints, was struggling to figure out the best ways to go about it, and having Linus go through it with me was a great experience!
We spoke beforehand about what I wanted help with, I supplied him the assets required and he went away and worked up a lesson plan. After the lesson was over he was also available for quick questions regarding the lesson.
Linus is a natural educator, very personable, friendly and of course patient :stuck_out_tongue: If you’re just starting out with Unreal or perhaps are struggling with how to best approach a certain project give Linus a message!

Quick Update:
I’m available again for Client Work and One on One Tutoring, feel free to shoot me a message :slight_smile:

Linus was fantastic and a excellent communicator. I hired him for a few projects that board-line on crazy requests. He dropped every and finish in just a few hours. He exceeds expectations each and very time. It’s my pleasure writing this and I wish I had more work for him. Great guy.

Update: Available again for Freelancing after working on a few longer projects!