blueprint demo example

hi all.

iam wanting to use the security camera example from the blueprint map, but cant get it working on other maps or projects. I assumed that with it been made up of 6 blueprints I would be able to re-use them. as it stands I cant even add them again in the blueprint example project.
ive been learning blueprints and am finding it a very slow learning curve to say the least. I had no problems using kismet in unreal 3 but wow blueprints are a lot more tuff to make things work.

spent a good few hours trying to work out the security example and am totally lost with it, it uses an array for the cameras yet I cant even add more cameras eg 5 cams not 3 or more monitor screens…i hoped I would be able to use the security cam example even if was just a copy/cut paste version and not custom.

the butterfly works perfectly in other projects/maps so I don’t understand why the security cam ones don’t work at all no matter what I try, tried copy and paste ,tried creating group,new blueprint containing them etc. as stated I could make it from scratch in kismet, but totally lost where to even start in blueprints. I was hoping I could use the example one.

has anyone re-used the camera example in other maps or projects and what was the key things to making it work?.

any help would be great,thanks