Blueprint Defaults help?

Hey guys,

I was wondering how it would be possible to create a blueprint with drop down menus on the variables I want the user to be able to change for example

How would I be able to change this to a drop down menu and only allow the user to choose from these options?
Currently these are in an array

Thanks guys

By user do you mean player, or developer?

It might not suit your needs depending on what you’re trying to use it for, but a custom Enumerator would do what you’re asking.

Yes this really depends on what you want to achieve!

A dropdown menu for a developer would be a custom Enumerator. You can create these when you right click in the “ContentBrowser” where you normally click to create a new Blueprint, but instead of choosing BP,
you go to the ListEntry “Blueprints” and in the opening list, you choose “Enumeration”. You can the add several strings to it and later on select this Enumerator as a Variable type in your Blueprint.

If you want a dropdown menu for the Player, you will want to check out UMGs drop down menu!

Just what I was looking for thank you!