Blueprint debugging: How to "skip over"?

Is it possible to skip over macro nodes while debugging BP graphs? For instance if I have a foreach loop, which is a standard macro, execution stops inside of the loop implementation, rather than at the foreach node in my own graph. Also, if I press Step to go to the next node, the debugger often switches to a completely different BP. MAybe because some of these things are executing in parallel.

I would really like if this could behave much more like a normal debugger in a coding IDE, where stepping always keeps you in your current thread and you only go inside function implementation if you explicitly Step In.

Apologies for bumping this old thread, but did anyone find a way to do this? It would be exceedingly useful to be able to skip over a node/macro/function.

I’d also like to know how to do this.

Set a breakpoint after the node and hit resume is currently what I’m doing.

That’s what I’m doing as well, but beyond a point it becomes a chore, especially while debugging complex bugs where you want all your focus to be on wrestling with the issue and not the debug panel :slight_smile:

Did anyone ever find a solution to this? It is really annoying with complex blueprints.