Blueprint debugger is awkward

Hi all,
I have 2 complaints or suggestions if you would:

  1. Blueprints window is great when you are creating or editing blueprint but it is awkward when you are debugging. During debugging we do not need all those menus and toolbars, but just clear view of graph. So either blueprints window should change during debugging or we need blueprints debugging window. And this new window should show blueprint content with single click on blueprint in content view - we should not need to double click and reposition ■■■■ window to second monitor every time we going to debug.
  2. Why blueprints debugger does not show values? Yes, we can display variables values, but what about displaying calculations results? result of each operation should be displayed on graph AUTOMATICALLY as unity Bolt does - we should not need spend time on this.

Discussing similar BP debugging limitations here if you want to join…
Maybe post a ‘comparison screenshot’ showing how ‘Unity Bolt’ works? :thinking:

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