Blueprint Debug Issues - Breakpoint not working and watch variables out of scope

Hi, I’m running on some debugging issues,

I have a Breakpoint in the constructor of an actor with some watched values, when I execute, the program just ignores the Breakpoint and the watched values always show as “Out of scope”.
I’m 100% sure the program is executing the code because I’m printing some variables on screen that are initialized there.

When I add a breakpoint in some node called by the tick event, the program stops and I can see the watched values as explained in the documentation.

Is there some limitation on whether I can use Breakpoints on constructors? or what would be the issue here?

Using Version: 4.18.3-3832480+++UE4+Release-4.18 on Windows 10 64 bits (tested in home and pro, two different computers, same results)

It is my understanding that breakpoints simply do not pause execution when located inside of the construction script. If the object you have is pre-placed inside of your level, then the construction script will not run when the game is played anyways, since it already ran when you placed or modified the object inside of your level. If you are spawning the object while the game is being played, the construction script should function the same as the BeginPlay event, in which breakpoints will work properly.

Thank you! I copied the nodes into the BeginPlay Event for debugging and it worked.

The time of the constructor is earlier. So it won’t be executed.