blueprint database website?

edit :

We are throwing together a free sharing database for blueprints.

-I will coordinate this venture here, and if a forum mod says that is unsuitable, then i will move it over to my own forum :

-If Epic games has legal issue with this, please notify me here or on , and i will cease instantly, i am just an indie dev with 1 pc, and i almost got sued once, it was horrible, i just want to build fun games and make a system more efficient.

BLUEPRINT Database1.png

Core functionality :

  • Share created blueprints and / or use blueprints other developrs have built, and swap them into your project withing minutes

  • Test blueprint inside of your own quickly too determine if they are suitable for your needs

  • Build games quicker,

-Grow the game building industry for all participants, for more consumer enjoyment

**The benefits : **

who is doing what ?

VRMMO : Coordinating project
The Britain : Building database

Suggested Features :

These are suggestions, that does not mean we are going to build everything in this list. democratic voting is in order…

Suggester : VRMMO

  • Blueprint database
  • Browse / Search
  • Download
  • Optional donation to submitter
  • Voting / Karma system
  • Optional Monitising

Suggester : The Britain

  • Totally free
  • No sales of any kind involved

original 1st post :


Is there a blueprint database website?

Although this forum is very very helpfull and handy, wouldn`t it be awesome if there was a website where you could enter a search like “AI random walking” and then you would see the example and could even download it and integrate it into your own project…

I have tweeted Epic Games about who owns a blueprint legally, i will post here when i get a reply. Does Epic games own a blueprint as a child-IP of UE4? Does the subscriber own a blueprint that he made? etc…

I will share one now that worked for me, its a teleport, and teleport back. Imagine you could just type this, download it, drag it into a folder and it worked! Let`s all work together and share!

Im not gonna build this site, i don`t know how…

This is not lazyness, this is the streamlining of our efforts as well as improving general efficiency! Make a website with a karma system, see who is seeding original content, see who is leeching. Browse blueprints , download them, donation system, optional monitising, etc.

lets charge a few % from the blueprint sales, for server costs and reward the top blueprint makers, but the idea should be free blueprints in an easy way to share and download, to help us all make better games!

sometimes what i am looking for is a blueprint with only 3 boxes and 2 wires, but finding it online is taking 45 minutes, i reather spent that time elsewhere…

This is how I think the marketplace should work, but epic is really stingy and slow with the marketplace. Granted if you want it to be free, just add it to the wiki. That’s exactly the free version of the marketplace.

That is a pleasant and rapid development! Thank you :D.

I do think you should have a donate button , for if somebody absolutely wants to reward a contributor.

Ok, so… it should have a database with topics, that respond to search terms. 1 function (like teleport can have many different versions by different people) so when you search teleport, you shouild see al variants. then people should be able to vote on what whey like and thats how the list would be ranked (democratic).

1 thing can have different media attached, but all displays should have the same layout for clarity, so when you click 1 teleport vatriant by 1 contributor ,it will look a bit like this :

This is how i think it could be, i am not commanding you to make it like this, lol!

Use it how you see fit, i am very happy somebody with the proper skills wants to help.

This way we can get transparancy, efficiency+streamlining sharing and better games for everybody!

Can you imagin you want a sliding door like in old Japanese times, you go here, and you find and have it on your pc within 5 or 10 minutes.

That gives me an idea, it should have a request feature with a counter that shows howmany people want it too. words are cheap so not an “i like this idea” button but a “if you make this, i will download and use it in my project” button…

1 topic in the system should have multiple ways of describing the same thing. Some people say “make my bot walk around” while another person searches on “AI movement node” but they are essentially both looking for the same thing…

Awesome! Technology jeeeeeeeh!!!

if it gets really big , this thing, i am gonna talk to Epic, to make a button inside UE4.6 editor to download a blueprint directly into your project from inside,

that would be awesome.png

file, import blueprint, and then you go to this database, and then you can use it in your game instantly!

what is wrong about the current method of searching for blueprints (and many other kind of searches),is when you google a thing you often get people asking questions on forums about subjects that matched. not always do they mean the same thing…

But i am not looking for questions, but answers.

A blueprint database with download and quality ranking will be a huge step foreward. i am only developing for 2 weeks, but i can not believe this does not exist yet…


Maybe it does and we dont know about it, lol/

wow, if they are already doing that on their end, and we can build this, then linking it will not be so hard…It would simply be an api with download capability…

the other thing, look a practical example.

i want to snap a block to another block of the same size.

so i google “ue4 snap actor to actor” and i get this

if i search on this forum i get these answers Search results for '' - Unreal Engine Forums"

long story short. i should be able to swap blueprints in and out in a matter of seconds to see how it is compatible for what i want and need. We should aim at 1 minute from typing your search to actually having it inside your own PC ue4 project , ready to use.

lets say i search “joypad” i see blueprints and an explanation where to put it. does this joypad blueprint go in the level blueprint, does it go somewhere else?

it must be noob friendly. i just started to learn , and its super overwhelming when you really want to advance and understand.

I should not be forced to rebuild an entire blueprint by hand , because i use it in my project. It should auto compile the contributers name in the games credits, so that is also not manually. Everybody can get the credit they deserve then.

If i want to use this exploding barrel, i have to make a screenshot

, or pause the video 100 times, to rebuild it by hand, UE4 - Blueprint Explosive Barrel #4 - Blueprint Functions - YouTube

. then something doesnt work and you dont know what… BAM 3 hours gone

I am #indiedev.

But seriously, there must be a better way. People like you, who see a good idea, and say i will make this withing 10 minutes after reading, are so extremely valuable, guys like me have ideas, and they are to big to make. Everybody and their grandma has an idea, but making something is another thing.

We need people who take action to build something awesome and advance gamedev in general, the mega studio will benefit from streamlining this process, but also the 1pc indiedev.

last thing : i will put all the features people say in this thread in post 1 (or else peoples ideas could get buryd in 100 pages), and then we will see how much can be built…

exactly!, because you are not 100% sure what you need, you must have an ability to swap blueprints iinto and out of your actual project within minutes. This database will help considerably.

Talking about this has brought me into the spirit of sharing, so i am trying to upload what i built sofar for #Microbots game ( i started working on this a few days ago, and started learning gamedev in general a few weeks ago.

Coding and dev has scared the sh#t out of me for years, and then i decided to confront that fear and spend 14 hours per day on it, previously, if something was to difficult, i would just quit, but that is no excuse.

it has a long way to go. I want to learn about : racing, modular mesh (want to swap out my player characters arm with toolls, that really do stuff, even a module for Leap Motion, lol.

Here is a free “derp demo” of my game, please give (constructive) criticism so i can learn and advance:

stay tuned lol

big rar 2.png

did you already contact him?, or else i will ask if he wants to collaborate…

Finally the derp demo is uploaded of #MicrobotsGame

MicrobotsGame Volume 1 : Derp Demo (that is the real title of the game (including this))

Derp demo of #MicrobotsGame, will be built much nicer, i would no tdare charge money for this, i`ll get ya on the next one, is what they say in car shows on tv.

The file is big and all the stuff is pretty.

My agenda has the next points :

-building stuffw
-modular body
-acces to your pc and files (2d in 3d)
-animate the bodys
-shoot projectiles /destructable meshes

Virtual reality disclaimer : Keep your head still when you go in a portal gate, the image freezes, and that may cause disorientation of your brizzain.



Little button under escape button =open console

(it will often have a ` thingy typed, but you have to deleta that).

stat FPS

alt + tab = go out, but leave it open

alt + enter = virtual reality mode / tested only with Oculus Rift DK2

move =w-a-s-d

shift =go fast

space =jump

Left control =magnet to the floorw

Specific controels for levels.

Nexus :

1 buddy random
2 buddy random

City111 :

f =move blue squiddy to point 1
g =move blue squiddy to point 2
h =move crawler to point 1
j =move crawler to point 2
r =microbotto chase
C =send rocketmosquito to blokky
t =microbotto destroy


c =chase blokky

hallway :

If you jump you float off, and can`t land.

race :

alotta yellow

other portals nothing built yet.

have fun, and don`t forget to derp around…

I work currently on updates for will contains what you describe.
It will be available monday for everyone.

Not for the moment, but monday you can maybe help me on improvement :wink:

Nice to see activity here! Good work guys, together we will make this a better system. I cant be of much help programming this, i am just starting to learn ue4, but i will work on relations with Epic , once there is a site, so we can talk about integrating it into ue4, but for that to happen, the users must show a signal that this is what they want. If 15 people use it, they wont care, but judging from googling solutions and scavenging forums, the masses would line up to have acces to blueprints.

Ow man, we really need this. i am liturally spending hours perday scavenging the internet. Looking for something like a gravity gun and then pauzing the movie 200 times, and rebuilding it box by box. having the wrong box, tutorial guy not saying what 1 box is after 8 minutes of watching, still stuck…

This is truely a rediculus practice. I want to type Gravity gun, then see it, then click download blueprint…

Let`s build this idea! :slight_smile:

yeah, i am learning dev and when i was just a user, it was un imaginable how much work a seemingly tiny feature can be to make. I am patient, this wil be worth the wait, and many will benefit.

Hi guys!

Any updates?

This project would fit very well with Epic`s new direction to make the engine free!

Hello there, I have some updates for you!

community version is alive!
The full patch note is available here >

The current roadmap is available here: [)