Blueprint Damage system

Hey, I am working on a project and want to add a damage system to the first person character blueprint, so that the player can take damage from volumes, lose health and when all of the health is gone destroy the player character. If anyone knows how to add this functionality to the first person character, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

There are tons of tutorials on youtube i can really endorse you to look at them and learn what is going on. I havent looked into it but here is one health system tutorial
You could also buy one of the finished first person templates on the marketplace and look into the code to learn it. One of them would be “Generic Shooter”

You can keep track of health by simply adding a variable, for example a long that is 100 on start.

Look into the user guide - some keyword here is “Pain causing volume” (like a toxic gas cloud, fire, etc). These bring loads of useful parameters, so you won’t need to re-invent the wheel from scratch. If you just have a spike you could also work with collision and deduct some value for your new variable as soon as the unfortunate player walks into them. Also look at the “Kill Z Volume” that instantly destroys any actor on collission. Can learn a lot here by playing with these.

Or watch the already mentioned Youtube tutorials. But if they fit or not depends a bit on what kind of damage you wanna distribute in which way. Like soldiers shooting at you is obviously quite different than handling walking into a spike or off a cliff.