Blueprint Creator Needed

I am trying to make a working prototype for a small level, but I do not have the skill to produce my ideas through blueprints, (I can barely do step by step tutorials on youtube.)

I would need someone who could create a few blueprints so that I could build my level around them. I can discuss the prototype in full through private messages and later by email or discord. With payment, I could do twenty dollars and hour, but I would much rather discuss the project and you make a flat price. And hopefully we could continue to work together again when the level gets bigger.

An example of a gameplay idea needed to be done through blueprints. . . A player holds a candle that goes out over time, and can be used to light another candle. This could be as simple as a floating small cylinder with a light attached to it or something similar, the looks are not as important as the basic use.

Hi there William,
I’ll send you a PM right away.