Blueprint crashes editor

I have a fairly huge blueprint wich were made in 4.7 and havn’t been altered since then. But now when I try the editor crashes as soon as I open it. The only that has happened to the file is that it has been upgraded to 4.8…

Crash log…

Hi TYRENS-Jonas,

What does your blueprint do? In your logs I’m seeing a few instances of null objects and errors while looking for a variable ‘Deg2Rad’, did this get changed or altered recently? Have you tried removing the blueprint from the project to see if you could open the project?

The project loads fine but when I try to open and edit one particular blueprint it crashes the editor. It still works in the old 4.7.6 version…

What does this blueprint do? Can you migrate it to a new project and open it?

It’s a sun calculator… Nope itcan’t be migrated, the same error occurs

Can you show me a screenshot of your blueprint in 4.7.6 so I can see what it is doing and see what might be causing the error?

Sure but it’s big… It’s a realworld sun calculator using GPS Long Lat to position the sun…

I have to do this tomorrow since it’s bedtime here in sweden :slight_smile:

This is the one where the Deg2Rad is located

Try removing the math expressions and then open it in 4.8, does the crash still occur?

I did that without success :frowning:

I have tried removing part by part more or less without success it flees like that particular blueprint has become really unstable. If I clear it completly it works… I will continue tomorrow…

The strangest thing of all is that it works but can’t be opened to be edited.

Well the good news is that it most likely isn’t related to the math expression nodes, which we’ve had trouble with in the past. If you are comfortable with it, would you mind sending me a copy of your project? I’ll be happy to take a look and see what might be occurring.

Maybe not here in the open. But if I could send it to you ant other way…

Do you want both versions?

You can send the links to me privately via the forums (same account name). Can you clarify, are you using multiple engine versions for your project or are you holding onto the previous engine version until everything is in working order? If so it’d be best to send me the 4.7.6 version and I can manually update from here.

Perfect I send it tomorrow … Almost a sleep already

Sent in PM

I havn’t been needing to edit the blueprint since the conversion to 4.8 so it has been untouched until now when I needed to make a few changes.

But I labeld a version in source control just before the upgrade so I was able to trackback and make sure it worked before…