Blueprint Crafting System

Just wanted to share what i have been working on, this system was made with blueprint, It uses the ARPG Inventory as a base.

Logic for Blueprints and Workbench have been added.

That is looking AWESOME! :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic! love the colour change in the interface! Looks more pleasing to the eyes

Thanks guys, I just spent the last 3 hours making it support networking.

Very nice!

WIP base crafting and placement.

Few improvements to the crafting system, you can stack up a number to craft it will only craft to what you have the resource for but if your gathering resource your crafting will continue until it reaches its end amount.

Awesome! Really exciting and inspiring work you have done based from the action inventory kit. I wish I could put the knowledge I’ve gained using that project to use like you… If only you could share your secrets. I don’t wanna be ‘that’ guy but, any plans for tutorial? Either way, im jealous and your game looks super excellent!

I may make a guide later on, I just don’t have much free time i spend most of it creating content.