Blueprint courses

Can anyone tell me if there is any type of courses or etc that will help pick up blueprints rather quickly? or atleast not make me confused. I do c++ outside of the engine but the engine itself makes me feel stupid and confused lol

The best way to learn blueprints is to watch the official video on the youtube channel + learning by doing :slight_smile:

he offciial videos is hard, I have a bad connectionw here I am at this ppoint lol

well, you could download the Videos from YouTube. I recommend you the unreal engine channel:

there are many many tutorials. Also, check the official documentation:


And also check teslas unreal tutorials:

he has also somewhere a blueprint survival Project, which he doesnt has finished (probably never will) but it will give you an good understanding of how blueprint works for game design. But i highly recommend you the Third Person Game from the Unreal Engine Channel, which will allow you to understand the “core” of building an prototype. Everything else, should be then pretty “easy” if you already familiar with c++… if not, you still will get a feeling for how to do things… and if not, there are plenty answers/tutorials on specific topics. Basicly get a basic feeling for blueprint and from then just try to find solutions for your Problem with blueprint. Visual Scripting is basicly the same as programming, once you learned the fundamentals, you need to find own solutions with the given tools for your own specific problem you want to solve (in this case, game logic, game mechanics etc.)

hope i could help you.

thank you very much bro

Are you looking for absolute beginner blueprints? Just find a tutorial series, in my Zombies series I explain things like I am to a baby.