Blueprint Corruptions related to Arrays in Save Games

I have these random issues where I’ll load my project up and I’ll find various blueprints unwired with warnings. Because they are arrays the blueprints can’t run with them unwired. So I’ll rewire them save and close the project

Then reloading them, it seems to re-unwire them and the same problem exists.

Now because they are based on empty arrays that exist in my save games, A work around I just discovered is by adding 1 element to them… then I save and close my project and reopen… and things don’t unwire.

I’m using 4.13.1 - perhaps this is related to the malloc fix in 4.13.2? downloading now - this is stressing me out because sometimes this won’t break my editor execution but will block a cook, I have to filter out info/warnings in my log and look for red

I should mention I’m not sure what triggers this - I.e the nodes I was dealing with this morning was related to a feature I was working on last week - I’ve had multiple days of work since then with no issue. I’m sorry I can’t provide much more info than this - I also don’t have the resources to provide you any sort of isolated sample project where this issue is replicated