Blueprint copies itself and moves to a different position on clicking Play

Hey guys. So I made a blueprint (pawn class) of a simple static mesh vehicle that can move around with the WASD keys. I placed it in my map and whenever I click play to test it out, the game doesn’t start at where I placed the blueprint. Instead, I’m in control of a copy of the vehicle that has been displaced a bit upward and rotated 180 degrees about the z-axis. I can move it around normally but there’s 2 vehicles in the game when I only want one. What can I do to solve this problem?

Remove pawn from map, add player start.
Or remove player start, leave pawn and set its to autoposses player 0.
Your call here.

If you have pawn with autoposses you should not have player start.
If you have player start remove all pawns from level.

That worked! thank you very much :slight_smile: