Blueprint Conversion Nodes list between UE4 and UE5

Hello all, just asking if anyone may be aware of any site or list somewhere that I may be able to find which could assist me when structuring blueprints based off tutorials made originally from UE4. As I keep finding at times when trying to follow them for UE5 that certain Nodes are not to be found.
I would think either had been renamed or were depreciated, so how would I know what would be the correct one be to used.
For example “Integer * integer” I could not find this in UE5, It was in a Tutorial for UE4, what would its replacement be since there are a few Integer types but , none seem recognizable to be of this type.

That is the thing most tutorials around on YouTube are based off the old UE4 and so not everything your looking for has been updated to UE5 as yet, so having to base off UE4 tutorials then adjust to UE5, however when you find certain Nodes are not listed in UE5 when you go and search for them, makes it hard to follow through these tutorials.

So would there be a list somewhere comparing the rename of some or what there alternative nodes would be to use instead, comparing both old and new names, syntax’s, etc.

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I think the most important change in nodes in UE5 is the multiply node, which is now one node used for all different multiplications. By default if you search for “*” or “multiply” you can get a wildcard multiply node that you can connect your variables to. Once you have a multiply node in your graph you can also right click its pins to change the type to what you want it to be.