Blueprint context search input starts unactivated

Whenever I right click on blueprint editor, I used to be able to write directly as it started with text input activated. But right now (after updating to 4.11) every time I open blueprint context menu, I also have to click into text box (or press tab 3 times) and only then I can search. It is really frustrating.

Here another user has same problem but posted in the wrong section.

By the way, I use OS X.

It seems this problem happens in other places as well. For example when selecting variable type, I used to be able to just write float. Now I have to click on text box to be able to write.

Hi Clnk_Ibrahim,

Thank you for your report. THis is a known issue and has been entered into our system as UE-29885.

Hi, just piping up that this is still happening in 4.12 preview builds :frowning:

hi Anadin,

UE-29885 turned out to be a duplicate of UE-29024. UE-29024 is still under assessment by the development staff. Unfortunately, I do not have a timeframe of when a fix will be implemented.

Thanks Adam, thats a little sad :(, it really does make working very hard. The flow now is right click, move mouse, left click, then type. I guess there is no way to track this for us outside of looking for the bug numbers in git?

Its been a while now and this is still broken in 4.12.4. I realise use OSX owners may be a little low priority but it seriously, seriously impedes working in the editor. I have also been looking for the two UE numbers the github checkins and not seem them. Is this now something that won’t be fixed for 4.12?

Hey Anadin,

I’ve looked into the issue for you, which is UE-29024. This issue is currently being investigated by our developers, and the fix should be available in the future 4.13 release.

Have a great day

Please upgrade your Graphics Driver as I was also facing the same issue with 4.12 version.

Thanks Sean good to know