Blueprint Context Menu Search Keybind

Having the ability to change/add the keybind for the Context Menu Search inside Blueprint would be wonders for my workflow. I’ve been searching around and from what I can tell there isn’t a way to change this from its current default keybind (right-click). I have almost 10 years of professional experience using node based workflows (Nuke, Houdini, Shake, ICE, etc.) and they all use Tab to initiate their search and would be great to have this in Unreal. I’m constantly slapping my mouse like its a extension of my keyboard to bring up the menu. Also adding in a keybinding option for the “Context Sensitive” option would also be a nice addition.

I know this kind of thing isn’t top priority but would be an awesome addition.


Yes please.
Adding nodes using the RMB only is very annoying specially when I work with multiple packages like Houdini and Substance Designer that both using TAB button to add new node.