Blueprint Consulting Service????

Hello all,
I am brand spanking new to this whole world of blueprinting. Where I work we are starting to venture into VR presentations more and more, walkthroughs mainly. Our most recent project will most likely need to have blueprints incorporated, and I was wondering if Unreal has a service, whether it be over video phone or in person, of somebody going through the process with you and teaching about blueprinting on our specific needs for a project. I am an artist and the node coding is taking me a while to learn through Youtube videos and documentations, and thought it would make a world of difference if anyone knows if such a thing exists.

Thanks for any help.

Hey there, if you are willing to learn yourself, check out Unreal Academy. However if you need 1 on 1 attention I would post in the Looking For Work section as a job offer. There are many UE4 devs that could help :slight_smile: