Blueprint, construction script - how log a value?

Hi again :smiley: In video tutorial - YouTube they made blueprint construction script, so mine seems to be the same, but watching value “Discharge Time” when debugging new instance of battery in pick up blueprint says “Discharge Time” is 5, while their is 1.5

Is here any way to log values from blueprints? because i can’t watch cunstruction script values from blueprint in real time, battery spawn in less then 0.0001 second, so i don’t have enough time to select battery instance :smiley: and can’t set delay before Discharge time will be calculated because Error Delay contains a latent call, which cannot exist outside of the event graph

There is a “Print string” node.

You can use it to print something for a few seconds on the top left corner of the screen and (by default) it’s also writing in the logfile :wink:

Print String does not work in Construction Script.

It does, you need to put a delay in though (put like .001s). Be warned it will log EVERY time the actor is re-constructed and rendered on screen.

Its worth knowing, that it wont print to your screen unless you have show stats ticked in the viewport options dropdown menu.