Blueprint comunication

Why AI can’t hear Pawn?I make simple BP in third person character > F -pressed > Make noise (AI hear this)
After this Pawn again with Pawn noise emitter > event tick ( I try with F) > Make Noise, Pawn Make Noise and Make Noise (PawnNoiseEmitter) (AI can’t hear this)
What to do?

And second question

I make zoom system and can zoom PC-display in game. Now i want to open doors with this PC. I think to use 3D widget for display, but i cant make boolean from widget when I press button to work in LevelBluePrint. How to send variables Widget>LevelBluePrint and LevelBluePrint>Widget?

Second question

  • I can make this to work but only if I use “Add yo ViewPoint” , why? I can press buttons and they work from 3D Widget, but then they don’t work in Level Blue Print. I make 3D Widget with “actor”. Where is the problem?

No one can answer? Is this bug?