BluePrint Comunication - read/get one variable to another blueprint - w/o functions

Hello everyone ,
first of all , I tried everything , every tutorial and every page , but I can’t seem to get it work the right way .

-The thing I want to do is pretty basic , I have a trigger volume BP which plays some sounds , based on a certain pattern .
-But I want that trigger volume BP to work only if my first person character BP has 1 or more keys .

I only want a way that could work w/o using functions because my flip-flops nodes won’t remember their last tick and only do the first pin every time.
Please help , Thanks!!

This is what I’ve done and works , at least seems like it .
But I’m not sure if this is the right way to do it .
What do you guys think?

Hi man ,
Just take the begin overlap event, use the "Cast to " and check the Keys number. if you have set a Variable to 1.
Then use the end overlap event , use the cast to , and set the variable back to 0.

Maybe in a tick event ? IF the Variable is 1, play your pattern of sounds

Thanks !! now it works exactly the way its supposed to work .