Blueprint composition

I am trying to build up a modular way to implement multiple behaviors in the same Actors.

What I am doing:

I add Blueprint Components within other Blueprints. Those components encapsulate a behavior (e.g.: Usable).

When my player tries to “Use” an objects, it searches for a Component of class BP_Usable within the object we are trying to Use.

If it exists, I call the Use Function of the identified Component.

First Person Character function traces a line and tries to get all compoents of class BP_Usable.
If we have at least one element in the array, I return it in the Return Node.
The Boolean “Valid Usable” is needed to overcome to the problem return node always triggers, so I need a flag to tell me it actually triggered.



The question is… How can I call a parent’s function/event from the BP_Usable?

I’m not sure if it work with functions, but with event right click it and you should have create parent call node option