Blueprint component different in stand alone mode

I created a new character blueprint to use for my AI. It then has multiple other units derived from it. Some of these derived units have their mesh components changed in the stand alone mode. It’s almost like the settings are not being saved. I say this because if I close the level and reopen it, the changes I made are reverted even though I explicitly compile and save them.

If I make changes, compile and then save and play in a editor new window. everything looks fine but playing in standalone mode shows me before the changes. I am at a bit of a loss. Is there a way of cleaning my blueprints or something?

this video illustrates the differences in our standalone vs in editor blueprints. First I go over the standalone settings then I launch it. Note that the character is rotated 90 degrees from the direction of the text. when launching in the editor viewport this is not the case.

Any assistance in tracking down the cause of this error would be greatly appreciated.

After much digging it seems having use controller rotation yaw unchecked and enabling orient rotation to movement caused my blueprints to go haywire. This was in a parent class so it broke the child classes as well. Not sure why but reverting those 2 check boxes fixed the problem.

apparently I was wrong in this assumption. It worked for the day and coming in this morning it all had reverted again.

I zeroed out the parent class so no defaults where used. That seemed to do it.