Blueprint compile time long if it exists in map often

So I was so frustrated by the very long compile times of my character blueprints so I deleted everything in them and it would still take super long.
I figured out they compile within in second (compared to 45seconds) if they don’t exist in the map.

Wow. At least I can go to an empty test map when I edit them. But is this meant to be that way? What is your experience or your tricks?

I have about 30 of each character in the map.

How many of them do you have in your map? If the objects are placed in the map and in the World Outliner, then I believe when you compile your blueprint, a copy and changes also need to be transferred to the objects currently loaded into memory, in order to refllect these changes.

I tend to let my editor load into an empty level when opening (Makes general opening of the editor faster anyway) and only go into the maps if I need to move locations of objects about.