Blueprint compile error link issue

So I had a couple naked re-route pins laying in my graph and it errored on them when I compiled. When I clicked link in Compile Results window, it kicked me out to Level Viewport instead of zooming me to bad re-route pin.

When I clicked back to graph, re-route pin was highlighted.

Hi ,

Which version of engine are you seeing this in? I tested in 4.6.1 and 4.7 Preview and in both cases, links in Compile Results window highlighted and zoomed to wildcard reroute nodes in Graph.

4.6.0 & 4.6.1

I tried it in multiple blueprints as well, same thing.

Hey ,

I was able to reproduce this by docking BP Editor tab beside Level Editor tab above Menu Bar. Having windows separated makes it less noticeable, but it appears to happen in any case. I have entered a bug report for this (UE-6967) and I will let you know when I see an update. Let me know if you have further details and I can add it to report. Thanks for report!