Blueprint compilation error after restarting engine

Hello there,

After restarting the engine, when I click play to test my level, I receive a message :

One or more blueprints has unresolved compiler errors

The problem comes from an actor component which check if the player can interact with things into the world.

All I have to do is to click on compile for the error to be gone. I’m just wondering what I could do to fix this issue (clean the project cache ?)

Thanks !

you could right click and refresh all nodes,

not sure but it seems like it thinks you are trying to access an interface function.

did you use an interface initially then change to a function?

Yes, it uses interface functions, I’ll give a part of the big picture here.

  1. There is an actor component called “BP_CanInteract” (it is the one which have an issue with) It embeds a variable of type “BP_Interactable” (if you want to see a picture of what it looks like check the first post)
  2. There is an actor called “BP_Interactable” which purpose is to act as a “base class” for interactive elements in the game. This class is “bound” to a blueprint interface called “BPI_Interactable” (there is just one function called “Interact” in there), the “BP_Interactable” does not have any implementation of this function (is this the culprit ?), since it’s meant to be a “generic” base class.

Thank you !

Well ! Thanks to your guidance, I have been able to get rid of the error, all I had to do was to simply implement the “Interact” function in the “BP_Interactable” actor class.

For those who might encounter a similar problem : It is not necessary to add code if the actor is not supposed to be instantiated.

No worries buddy any time hope everything goes well with your project! What I’ve seen looks really cool