Blueprint compilation - editor crash - HasAnyCastFlags

So, I’ve finally traced what I thought was a configuration or programming error back to and editor crash.

All I have to do is compile ( no changes ) a couple of blueprints repeatedly and boom…

It’s probably worth noting that one of the BPs is my savegame ( nothing but variables ), and the other has macros reading the savegame.

First part of the VS stack here ( rest attached ):

Anyone who can shed any light on this is my new favourite person…

[link text][2]

I’d like to think it’s an editor bug, but it would be nice to know. I could also be some dodgy dependency chain… :-/

The same thing happens to me it also happens when I’m just using bp or when you press build in the editor a lot.

I finally figured out what was going on here, I’ll tell you on the vague off-chance it’s of some help.

In my save game ( although this could apply to any similar BP ), I had a reference to a type ( struct I think ) that I’d defined. If you looked at the save game in the reference viewer, this one variable basically created a MASSIVE recursive loop between my save game and all the other objects in my game. I think UE can handle some circular references, but this was the circular reference from hell.

I removed it, boom, all ok again.

Lesson is, never have user defined types in save games ( or other commonly accessible BPs like game state, player controller etc ).

If you want a quick way to find out, get a copy of:

( free ). If you have a lot of long references chains, then you have the problem…