Blueprint communications failed.


(Sorry for my english).

So, my problem today it’s i don’t know what can i connect with my “CAST TO…”

It’s make me an error.

How can i fix him?


yep, that parts working, the cast failed so it printed the string lol :slight_smile: (sorry about that, errr see below)

look at this link then look at the bottom, you don’t have an object for the ‘cast to’ node so it doesn’t know what you are trying to do. it’s best sometimes to use the ‘get’ object to pull from to see if the cast to is viable. (works)

I want with my character when i press a button “K” , on the other blueprint : that make event call “SpawnMobs”.

yes I got that, it failed as you have proven.

find what you need to cast ‘From’ by using that link.

I can’t see your BP or project sorry.

My blueprint character :

And my other blueprint :

did you even click the link & look at the information I pointed you to?

not to be rude or anything close to it but I’m not the type to do it for you. you and I both won’t learn anything doing it that way.

look at the info available to you, try to fix it, then if you get really stuck then someone might be able to help with more info about where or which BP you are trying to cast to.

that page has almost every scenario to get an object that you can actually ‘cast’ from. so go try some of them.
(i’d start with GetPlayerCharacter node & plug it into that object input for that Cast node you have)

I’m french ! And if you don’t know
English is not easy for me… 0 tutorial for french or bad tutorial…

Document is in what ? English thanks…

I’ll try my best knowing that I don’t use UE in french and I’m not at all experienced in using it.

Alors, si j’ai bien compris ton “cast” est sur un blueprint de type character et “BP_GameManager” c’est un blueprint de type game mode? Si c’est bien ça essaye avec un “Get Game Mode” et lie le au target du cast.

omg, sorry - my apologies - mon apoligies
was wondering what language you spoke or used
my French is horrible!

Utilisez l’un de la distribution, que vous trouverez dans le lien que j’ai posté plus haut
(translation from BabelFish )

but they do have an international forum topic that might help if you can’t sort this out or someone might pick up n help a bit better than I can:

The problem is you’re not casting anything. Your Object actor pin is not connected.