Blueprint Communication

I have a parent class of animals and I have a child class from that parent class which says what animal it is.
I want to make a HERD.
So what I thought was make a leader from those animals of the same type and make an event to tell all of the animals nearby that X is the leader and every herd member is now supposed to follow the leader.

I’m unable to do this with interfaces should I try event dispatchers ?

Please guide me, this might be a stupid question but please ignore that I’m very new to UE4.

You need dig into behavioral trees blackboards and AI.

For your stuff EQS would be best, but to do EQS you need to know basic AI first.

I know basics about eqs behaviour trees etc.

Im using eqs for finding items to eat. I have sight perception implemented but am not using it as I think it might be heavy computation.