Blueprint Communication

Hey guys,

So I want a blueprint to set a variable that is in another blueprint. I have tried “cast to” and a BP interface. So I guess it must be something I am doing wrong. I am using the dialogue plugin by Code Spartan from the marketplace. I am trying to make a dialogue change the ability to go through the door. In that plugin, it creates 2 new types of blueprint classes, called “dialogue event” and “dialogue condition”. I have in the 2 attached images how I have tried to get the “dialogue event” BP to cast to the Actor BP class of “BP_Door”, to set the variable “OpenUnlocked” to true, however, it’s just not working. If you guys can help me, it will also be the answer to creating quests with the plugin as well. I would be open to any suggestions that would get these communicating.

Thanks in advance

What is failing? Is it the cast or are the volume events not triggering?

It would seem to be the cast. The variable doesn’t change with the set to true command.

The variable not changing is not a good indicator of the issue. Put a print string after the cast success and another after the cast failed. This will tell you more of what is really happening

yep its as rymbrant says. try doing that so u know if the cast is failing.